Sheep in the Vineyards

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The next time you’re driving through Niagara On The Lake you might notice some sheep working away between the rows of grapes. So why are they there? What are they doing?

It is becoming popular to use sheep in the vineyard as a way to keep weeds and grass under control, eat selected grape leaves, and are a great source of fertilizer. As is common with most wineries a netting system is in place to prevent birds from eating your crops. Well netting can also prevent sheep from eating them too. Then you can just block off a few rows and let them loose. It’s a great to see the natural approach to farming and promote humans and animals working together. A few places doing this are most notably, Southbrook Vineyards, Featherstone Estate Winery and Tawse Vineyards.
I think the greatest part of using sheep labour is visiting them and seeing them run and play, huddling together and prancing down the row.