Pruning Grapevines

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We have just passed the time when wineries and vineyards prune their vines for the year. Now you may wonder why every winery wants to cut their vines that have grown all summer, down to the bare stalk. It seems like a lot of work doesn’t it? Well like most things in the agricultural field it takes a long time and a tedious hand with attention to detail as each vines needs are unique.

You see, the wineries want the grape vines to grow for maximum production and ease of harvest. They are grow in rows for this purpose. So how do you get them to grow in the direction you want? Well, you can prune away any stems going the wrong way as well as any dead stems. Now we also mentioned maximum production. The wineries want as many grapes as they can get, because then they can make more wine for you to drink.

The grapes need nutrients and light to grow, if there are too many stems then those nutrients and water will be quickly dispersed throughout the vine. Pruning concentrates the flow of these vital sources to a few main stalks. This thinning of the vines also prevents too much shade from being created for the grapes growing closer to the ground. As soon as you prune the vines it wakes them up from their long winter sleep and encourages growth, so sometimes it is better to wait until you’re sure that winter is on the wing.

Cheers to spring!

Pruning Grapes