Taste Sensation Afternoon

*New 2019 Taste Sensation Afternoon Wine Tour
Wine Tasting Tips & Tricks (Groups of 10+)

This is so popular. Tasting food and wine is a dynamic experience, Discover the elements of taste on this fun afternoon wine tour! In wine there is only three of the basic elements of taste: sweet, sour (acid), and bitter (known as tannin’s). Learn about wine pairing by identifying tastes. Just for fun you can give it a try! You will experiment by taking a sip of wine, then a bit of food, then a sip of wine again with a different type of food. Wake up your palate with this fun, yet informative tour.


chocolate, wine, food, paring, tasting, tour, niagara, team, experience, day, trip, overnight, stayHighlights:

  • *knowledgeable guide
  • *a variety of wine tasting at three unique style wineries
  • *wine presentation with assorted tasty flavourful snacks
  • *tour to show how wine is made
  • *shopping at the winery boutiques

Suggested Tour Time: 1:00 p.m. – 4:30  pm. Cost: $99.00 per person + tax
Tour times are flexible for all of our tours.

Distinguishing between the different types of salty, sweet and sour flavours, you will easily see how much more dramatic and indulgent the wine will taste with different food types. You will notice what combinations work best with the types of wines you usually serve. This will guide you into making small adjustments when entertaining guests or ordering at a restaurant. Groups of 10+.

Complimentary pick up and return to your hotel in Niagara Falls or Niagara-on-the-Lake. Free parking is also available at our store in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Call 1(833) 321.3324 or locally (905) 321.3324 or you may email us!



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