Fun Wine Facts

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Did you know that the Niagara region boasts over 60% of all wineries in Ontario and is the largest appellation in Canada . The unique climate makes this region particularly known for its ice wines, which make up fully 50% of its wine exports.


Did you know that grapes are the most widely-planted fruit in the world? About 70% of those grapes are used to make wine!


According to Plato, “no children under eighteen may touch wine at all, teaching that it is wrong to pour fire upon fire either in body or in soul, before they set about tackling their real work, and thus guarding against the excitable disposition of the young. And…the young man under thirty may take wine in moderation, but he must entirely abstain from intoxication and heavy drinking. But when a man has reached the age of forty, he may join in the convivial gatherings and [drink wine freely], which [Dionysus] bestowed on mankind as a medicine potent against the crabbedness of old age, that thereby we men may renew our youth.” Laws II.666a-b


The Ancient Persians, who, like the Greeks, were avid wine-drinkers, believed that all important decisions should be discussed both while drunk and while sober. After coming to a decision when drunk, the proposal was set out again the next day when they were sober. If they still approved of the decision, they acted on it!


Did you know that although rosé wines aren’t as popular in North America, making up about 15% of total wine sales, they are much more popular in Europe, often outselling both reds and whites. If you haven’t already, consider a trying rosé with your meal this summer.