Food and Wine Expo

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IMG_6447The Food and Wine Expo was a great success here in Niagara. I went on the opening Friday of the show, loads of people were there enjoying what the show had to offer. The show works on a ticket basis, 20 tickets for $20. Among that some great deals and a chance to try new things. So what did I see as I browsed the isles? For one thing a lot of variety, a whole row of spirits, several of food and a row of wineries. It was great to see a mix from Niagara College Teaching Winery, to Between the Lines. I would have liked to see more wineries come out and support a local festival. Particularly to support new buying local movements. So what caught my eye? How about these wine tumblers “Vino2Go”. Take them to the beach, travel, just even in your own backyard.A massive walk on truck from Alexander Keiths was there to Promo their Hops forward Beer.Plenty of food options, Seafood, Chocolate, Crepes, Ethnic the list goes on.As you picked out some food to munch on you could sit and enjoy some live music playing in the center which was great entertainment. One of the great charity features of this event was a Live Celebrity Auction- 90 Minute Walk around with a Celebrity in the Food or Wine world. There were three being sold and the Auction was on Saturday. Mostly Notable was Kevin Brauch, popular on the food network for his show as well as host on Iron Chef America. Checkout the pictures from the weekend.