Best Wine Tasting Order?

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More and more people are starting to really enjoy learning to love the world of wine and have fun in the process. Wine tasting is not about being uptight or just for wine snobs. Here is a tip about the order of wine tasting that you will enjoy and can share with your friends. Whether you are at a tasting bar or entertaining at home simply wine tasting on the couch there are no rules for wine order (i.e. you can do whatever you want) there is a general understanding that is suggested so you may truly enjoy each wine as our palates change. In other words, some wines will extinguish the flavour in your palate and others are so nuanced that you won’t be able to taste them if they’re served after the other wines.

Suggested Wine Serving Order:
1. Sparkling Winesthreewines 2. Dry Whites
3. Heavier and older whites
4. Rosé wines
5. Younger Light Reds
6. Bold and high alcohol red wines
7. Sweet dessert and Icewines

First taste your Riesling then Pinot Grigio, next then Sauvignon Blanc next Gewurztraminer and then your Chardonnay!If you begin with lighter-fuller bodied progression and dry to sweeter wines your tastings will not be tart and unpleasant. Then you can gradually enjoy dryer heavier wines so it will not overwhelm your senses and distort the tastes of the light wines!7

First a Rose, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Shiraz Cabernet
Again, red wines should be tasted in a light-bodied progression as the sweet wines will cause the dry wines to become more acidic. Taste a Pinot Noir, then Merlot, then Cabernet Sauvignon Light Body before Heavy Body, Young before Old to get a true taste and complexity of the wine.

1. Sweet [White before Red]
2. Dessert Wines [non-fortified]
3. Fortified Wines

You can “reset” your taste buds so the flavours of the different wines will not overlap with a cracker or by smelling coffee beans or eating sorbet to cleanse your palate.
Remember Life is too short to drink bad wines!