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February 5, 2016 @ Niagara Brewing Company

Niagara’s world-famous Icewine tradition is expanding beyond its viticultural roots with delectable Icewine and chocolate beers created exclusively by Brewmaster Gord Slater of Niagara Brewing Company. The luscious Icewine beer puts a twist on the process of fermenting frozen grapes, while the smooth chocolate beer utilizes the delightful flavours of Hershey’s chocolate. This special evening will feature remarkable culinary creations and prove the most innovative way to experience the tropical flavours of Icewine and rich taste of chocolate is in the form of a refreshing beer on ice.

Mix and mingle with Brewmaster Gord Slater. Icewine and chocolate infused delights with beer pairing from Niagara Brewing Company


Dinner Only $99.00
Hotel Package $159.00