Daily Wine Tours

These tours are available in November & December 2014 & 2015!

Click the links below to learn about our featured daily wine tours. To book a tour or request more information, please visit our booking page to send us a message. You can also contact us by phone at 1 (855) 682-4920. 


Afternoon Delight Wine Tour

Visit best kept secret gem cottage-style wineries, taste top award-winning wines. Extensive winery tour … Read More »


Lunch Fiesta Wine Tour

Spend a day traveling through picturesque Wine Country. Tour wineries, learn how wine is produced … Read More »


Best Kept Secret Dinner Tour

Very popular for birthdays, anniversaries, or girls day out! This tour is very relaxed … Read More »


Via Rail Express Lunch Fiesta Tour

This tour is the same as our lunch fiesta wine tour, but we include Via Rail tickets from Toronto or Oakville to Niagara … Read More »


chocolatey-150x150Sticky Fingers Wine Tour                

You will taste a variety of award-winning wines at three wineries and enoy at our at one winery along with…Read More »







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  • Best Wine Tasting Order?

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    Does this sound familiar…”Very Yummy” or “Lots of fruitiness”.    You can always rely on the trusty aroma wine wheel and decide for yourself.   Has anyone had a whiff of “Wet Dog” or Smelly Socks? When you read the tasting notes describing wines you sure wonder how they come up with these descriptions.  “ Arrogant Yet […]

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